About me
I live in Arad, Israel; at a small town in the edge of the Judean desert. On clear days, when I am walking with my dog, I can see as far as the Dead Sea and the amazing view of the Judean desert.
My tiny studio, where I spend many hours, is situated in my backyard under the shade of my lemon and orange trees.

I started sculpting 20 years ago, and am self-taught, acquiring most of my know how by experience. However, one of my teachers was Alexander Cherkov.
I focus in Figurative Sculpture or as it is called "Narrative sculpting"

As a second generation son of Holocaust survivors (my father was born in Berlin, my mother in Vienna), I have devoted a lot of time to the study of human suffering. Null Achtzehn (picture in portfolio) is one work of that period. It is inspired by the book of Primo Levi "If this is a Man". Null Achtzehn is a work partner of Primo in the camp. No one even knows his real name—he's only known by the last three digits of his prisoner number: Zero Eighteen. Primo likens him to "the slough of certain insects which one finds on the banks of swamps"
I also concentrated on the Jews of the 1930's in Poland, inspired by the book of Roman Vishniac "The Vanished World". The Wise of the Village, which is on the front page of the book, represents one of my works.

In the last few years I have also studied the human body and human faces.
I like working with clay. Creating with mud for me is a kind of meditation that impacts my mood. Bronze also attracts me very much, especially due to its classic "look and feel" and its durability.